Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our weekend!

Mom's & Me Tea to start!

Crafts and fun galore!
Five girls from our troop and their moms came.
Saturday brought the
Alaska Airlines Children's Christmas Party!
Mr. & Mrs. Clause showed up on a 737.
Marina met up with Santa.
Hunter met up with Santa!
Marina and me!
Me and Hunter!
Marina and dad!

The native dancers put on a great show!
Paul, Mary, and Steve.
Marina and Hunter got face painting.
After the Christmas party we went
Bowling with the Boy Scouts!
Me and my handsome hubby!
Hunter's face was melting off.
Marina wanted one last picture
before she washed her face before bed!
The children's Christmas program at church today!

The End!
For now anyway...
Blessings to all, Heather


  1. What a wonderful event. It looks like great fun for all. I love how Mkr. and Mrs. Claus showed up that was great.

  2. What a busy day! My goodness!!!! I think my kids would not have made it to everything!