Monday, November 30, 2009

Family friends count, especially Mel & Co

Good eats & good friends...

My handsome hubby making yummy moose steaks.
Mandy did Marina's hair, every which way.

Scrabble was a challenge, but very fun!

Mel, Troy and Mandy!
We all ate really good!
Me and Melly!
Troy & Mel!
Melly & Purple Nurple!

The boys got along fabulously.
Maybe hunting, shrimping, or crabbing in their future.
The gangs all here, except the picture taker...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The tree's up & the party is on!

hristmas is coming...

The blooms are plentiful!
Hunter & Marina wanted to sew by hand last night...they have to practice to learn. Thank goodness my mom has set me up for life in that department. Thanks mom. ;-) I have lots of material.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving's over, let shopping begin!

Good eats and nice family time!
Happy Thanksgiving!

For everyone but the beautiful turkey.
The stuffing was sooo good! I hope I can pull it off for Christmas since we are hosting and I am making the bird...we'll see. Steve will be at work until 4, so I will be home alone cooking. We get Marina from noon Christmas eve until noon Christmas day and Hunter goes to his dad at noon Christmas day. Hence the big family dinner on Christmas eve.

My lovely homemade apple pie!
Kendra and Jeremiah.
Hunter & Jeremiah!
Mom & Dad
Me and my Hunter.
Chuck and Doreen.
Digging out the pick up Hunter.
Hunter & I on Wednesday before school.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our weekend...

We had a lovely mellow weekend!
Saturday we went Christmas shopping, then had the most awesome dinner ever. Sashimi Copper River King Salmon and panko shrimp we caught in PWS. We made a nice shrimp Louis salad for ruff-age.

The Reef's pet octopus.

And the cutest puffer fish ever...

Cruising Sears mall while waiting to go to Bear Tooth.
On Sunday we got to go to Bear Tooth
with Mellychops and Manderzz.
Very awesome to spend the afternoon together.
Good friends and good eats...

Mel needed a Bear Tooth tee to add to the collection.
My handsome hubby.
I sure do love him.
We fit together perfectly...

After the movie, Steve and I got to go home and spend a quiet night together. What a life where we have every other weekend alone. We love hanging with the kids, but this way we never have to plan for a sitter to have adult time. Some exceptions may apply! teehee ;-) I see one for Steve's birthday in December. Thank you Kendra...

Hope everyone has a great week!
We are...and it's going to get even better.
Love, Heather

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Friday, Yehoo!

At school early this morning to support the bake sale!
Marina got a poppyseed muffin and chex mix,
Hunter got an egg & cheese biscuit,
and I got a blueberry muffin & an orange!
Marina doing laundry last night.
What is it with those monkey shirts?

The weekend is here, thank goodness!
Hope everyone has a good one,
Happy trails, Heather

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kids on the computer first thing in the morning...

Our Christmas cactus in starting to bloom...I just love it!
Twice a year we are blessed with 20-30 blooms. ;-)

Yes, if our kids are ready for school, they can do just about anything. Club Penguin is usually the choice around here. But there is not much time to play on the computer or to watch television...especially with Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, after school activities, and especially homework!

Happy trails all!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Marina & Jeremiah!

Cake & ice cream after a yummy salmon dinner!

Club Penguin is rampant at our house.
Dad and Marina ;-)
Jeremiah is going to learn...
how to be a real teen.
p.s. PG-13
The candles melted before they blew 'em out.Mom & Jeremiah!
Grandma & Jeremiah!The famdangly!

After church this morning...still glowing from sugar!