Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bear Tooth with hubby!

Can anyone say IPA?
Or was that Amber?
Alright, how about both!

Anytime I can buy advance tickets for a booth at Bear Tooth it is so worth it. Love love love showing up at the last minute and walking in. Cannot wait for the next good movie to show so we can do it again. Nice to be able to do things like this every so often.

Summer's coming fast...hoping for a long, sunny, fun summer!
Happy trails, where ever they might lead...heth ;-)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get er done!

Science fair projects are us!

Mt. McKinley at sunrise!

2nd 1/2 of science fair project!

That's supposed to be a mustache.
Mario, where are you?

getting ready to give the kids the boot!
the outdoors are calling...

Swimming at UAA later today after Steve comes home from work. He mentioned wishing he could come with us when I told him we were going, so we're going to wait and go with him. Everyone at the pool will need to bring shades for the pasty white Brekke& Dely family, ha! Fun! Church in the morning as a family, then Marina leaves for a week to be with her mom. I'm surprising Hunter and Steve with tickets to Bear Tooth tomorrow night, a booth to watch Narnia in 3D and have yummers. LOVE Bear Tooth, can anyone say IPA? Going to be a great spring break. Happy trails, wherever they may lead! Heth & Co.