Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In town for now...

Hunter & mom ;-)
Marina & Me!
Lamprey eels grace most of the catch baskets.
More eels, eeeeeWW!
We wrangled with three of them!
They were great kid sitters, at least five hours.

Hunter has no reserve at all...ugh!
Up close and personal with Vampy!
We love kings!
Lucus showed us how to remove ivory in the ear.
Vampy having lunch.
Two peas in a pod.
Hunter was sooo having fun with the eels.

Reds are yummy too!
Hot mamas, 70 degrees hot!
The kids trampolining sans Derick.

Happy Tuesday!
Mel & the gang just left, we already miss 'em.
To Chitina last Friday night, home on Sunday.
The fishing was alright, we now have enough food for winter.
We have to finish processing,
Steve will be exhausted by this days end.
Marina is
having fun at All About Birds Girl Scout camp.
Hunter and I are taking a walk today,
I already asked him to think of a place.
Hunter goes to dad Thursday for vacation.
Marina leaves Friday for three weeks of vacation too.

The weather will determine our 4th of July plans...
My morning just went to heck, ugh!
Will vent on someone close in person later...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Thursday!

A nice week home with Hunter, we went to a free movie, are cleaning house, going through paperwork, and having to deal with other unmentionables...we hung with Alana at Campbell Creek for lunch today. We also got a McDonalds cone on the way home. Only $.50 at Tudor (ugh) McDonalds all summer!
We get Marina tomorrow and are headed for a quick tripto Chitina. Pray we get some fish. Mel & gang are here on Monday overnight, yehoo!
Happy trails,
~ Heather

Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in Anchor town!

Happy trails!
We are finally taking a breather. Steve's vacation has come to a quick end and it's back to the old grind for him tomorrow, poor guy. Hunter and I are getting ready for bed except I could not resist posting pictures of our vacation with the kids and without. We went to Chitina with the kids then made a quick trip to Oregon for a family reunion. We got home at 1 a.m. this morning and slept until almost 10, that never happens...

Hunter & I will are spending the week together bonding. Marina comes home Friday and has Girl Scout camp next week. Hunter has Boy Scout camp in July too. I am really glad the kids will get to have these experiences.

Marina and Steve went south to go trout fishing.
Marina found Hunter a new thrill, Club Penguin!
Getting the yard in order before heading back to Chitina.
Hunter and mom!
Our attempt at a garden!
I love this picture.
Two peas in a pod most of the time.
Smores are us!
Hanging with my handsome husband!
Hunter playing in the big silt sandbox!
The Copper River from another vantage point!
Marina and Hunter got frog fever...
Off to the other parents...for both!

Getting ready to head out to Oregon...
to meet Brooke Brekke! (16 months)
It was great Steve got to be with Wayne & Michelle for Father's Day!
Mike and Carolyn hosted the reunion of course!
Mom and Dorothy, Hunter said you look like twins!
We had a great time hanging with everyone!
Proud grandpa!
Proud daddy!
Four generations of Brekke girls!
Steve was so happy to be with his family!
Everyone ended the evening with hot dogs and smores!
Brooke is just as cute in the morning...
Happy Father's Day to Steve!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Thursday!

At our secret spot...

A huge red we thought was a king!

The secret spot again...

Chitina in the evening...beautiful, even with wind and silt .

Steve with a king!

The awesome fishwheel!

The family on this trip...

Hunter on the last trip with Steve and Marina!

An overcast day in Anchorage...so I can blog without guilt ;-)

We made it home from the wheel with 30 reds and 2 kings. The scenery was beautiful, plus it got to 80 degrees. We had two whole days with sun and NO wind! The wind made up lost time at night blowing like a hurricane! The fish were fresh when we left, so we took our time and fished our way home. We found a "secret lake" on the way. As you can see from the pics, it was a beautiful and perfect place to camp and fish!

Mel & gang are coming soon...gotta get ready!