Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Looking for anything in peticular?

I see blue sky and sunshine!
Thanks be to God!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our world tour - part six!

Prince William Sound

getting ready to launch...

stopped to catch fresh herring on the way out...

after we dropped the pots,
we headed out to places far away!

My 2nd & limit of snapper.

Steve & I both got 2 non-pelagic,
and a foursome of silvers!

Copper River King out in PWS,
nothing better,
well, almost nothing!

Came back late and pulled 179 shrimp!
Almost all MONDO shrimp!

Left PWS early because of weather,
stopped by Ingram Creek for lunch!

Our Boy Scout!

Until our next adventure...
The end!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our world tour - part five!

Tangles, Alaska
Cleaning up our ride...

Scouts before we left.

Leaving Anchortown, LATE!

Three grayling later...

The family at Tangles.

Critter & Jeremiah

anyone seen a smore?

double rainbow...

a nice meal at camp...
then smores!

I love my hubby!
Awesome to see Chris!
Kendra & Jeremiah
Chris & Mike

The next morning at the lake.

Hunter got his 1st lake trout.

I got the 2nd lake trout.

Boys & toys...

A snack with a view...

our last bit o time at Tangles...

Saw beavers, river otters, arctic turns, ptarmigan,
sea gulls, eagles, owls, sheep, moose...
we are so blessed ;-)

my hair is growing on me...

Hunter finally got to grayling fish,
on our way out while I made lunch.

Put away for another day...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Our world tour - part four!

Prince William Sound

Shrimping was like a yo-yo!
Up and down...

The kids were thrilled for the octopus,
me, not so much. He ate the shrimp!

Sea otter in our cove!

Coral on top of a shrimp pot.

Pulling out of Dodge...

The weather is always __ittier in Whittier!
That could be good or bad...

Happy trails until the next adventure.