Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good luck with that...

What a fruitful weekend!

No kids this weekend so we slept in then got up and went to the gym. OMG did I get a hugestest workout yesterday, we walked all of the property lines in deep deep snow. My sacariliac is killing me. I'm down 8 lbs and Steve's down 18 lbs, yehoo;-) Lots of hard work getting healthy...if I could eat less this would go faster. Steve's dinners are too yummy, so slow and steady will have to do.

Still blooming!

Since October there have been blooms on this Christmas cactus. I love the scenery, keep 'em coming. Marina comes home today to a lovely red salmon dinner, thanks daddy! Lots going on this week...hope to blog again soon ;-) Have a great week all. ~ Heather

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our family...

Happy trails mateys.....arghh! ;-)

Seven girls, four hours, lots of crazy!

Marina shadowed a 7th grader
at Central on Friday.
She really liked it ;-)

Hunter and Marina took turns giving me "the look"
:-( you should see Steve do "the look"!

We are definitely related...

Cookie sales at Fred Meyer was non-stop...
crazy set up and go go go.

Our early version ungame

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going to the gym with hubby & kids ;-)

Blogging twice in one day...yehoo!
...not sure what is for dinner though?

Veronica came for a quick hi ;-)

Our 'new' old Ungame from the 70's
Not so babied down

I felt like spring this morning.

The usual...

Where does he get the cheese?

Aloha mateys ~

The weekend's almost here...

or at least it feels like it ;-)
Spring has sprung!

Our Girl Scout troop has a booth sale this Saturday from 2-6 at the Fred Meyers on Northern Lights and New Seward, stop by and see us ;-)

The pictures were taken last Saturday at Sea Galley. We went for the blue fruity drink while Mel and Derick were stuck in ANC. We never made it after Blind Side Friday, so ya know, any ol' excuse.

I am going to brag that we have had the most beautiful days suuny warm days to friends & family elsewhere. This will bite me in the butt after the snow has melted off and ol' man winter drops a couple feet. tee hee :-) It happens...

Gotta go and get Hunter up; he asked to get up early so he could play. He makes chores and homework a priority. I wonder where he gets that. LOL I need to play more, Amen ;-)

I hope we all get to play more...
Take care everyone, Heather

Friday, March 12, 2010

The gang's all here...

What a nice surprise!

At La Mex with Ms. Veronica today!

Hunter & me this morning.

Hunter's Science Fair Project,
bouncing eggs?!

The egg lasted until over three feet high!

Derick looks good for having wisdom teeth out!
A little puffy, but very cute.

They stopped by my work yesterday,
on the way to catch a flight to Unalaska...
...or so they thought!

We are blessed to have two really wonderful friends here at the same time, Veronica & Melanie. Except for the unfortunate circumstances of Mel and Derick spending every waking moment trying to get home...all the flights are CXLD due to weather. I am glad they are off the hook for today and they are both coming home with Steve. A quick stop at Freddies should make it somewhat better, especially for Derick who has such a limited palette, sans teeth. Marina is with her mom until Sunday, Hunter just left with his dad and the house is going to be full tonight. Good friends, good food, maybe drinks? I know someone who needs one, if they drank! Pray for good weather tomorrow, for everyone. Steve and I may go snowshoeing for the day, we'll see how it all goes.
Have a great weekend all ;-)
Take care, Heather

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blizzard out & the snow's getting deep!

Working out every day...
with Mel at the hotel this time!

Hunter home with mom for the week!
He spent yesterday with Grandma Dely,
breakfast, bowling, pizza, lots of fun!

The Christmas cactus has been blooming since October.
It has one full bloom and about twenty more buds.

I chaperoned for Hunter's class last week.
We went to the museum's Star Wars exhibit.
Fun fun fun!

The biggest elevator in the state of Alaska.
The whole class fit with no problem.

Getting ready for work.
Hunter up and on CP ;-)
That means all the chores are done,

City Diner for dinner.
We sat and visited for an hour,
we did cardio on our way home.

Steve has lost 15# now.
Very proud of him and all the progress.
His jeans are all loose.
I've lost 6#, cannot wait for 40#.
Oh yeah, I am 40, teehee!
Getting better with age.

I'm happy to have a two day work week, tomorrow & Thursday. I'm working with Hunter on Science Projects and cleaning house today. If the weather breaks we need to go to the gym and then maybe a movie at Fireweed. Hunter offered to buy the tix if I get the corn. I could be convinced... We hope everyone has a safe day, wherever you are!

Happy Spring Break ~ Heather ;-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally get to post...

For Dr. Suess yesterday;-)

Hunter had a banana costume...
he said I couldn't post the picture.

Teachers too!

Up early for Club Penguin!

Toured Central Middle School of Science...
everyone was very impressed!
What a great program.
It's a lottery so only 125 seats...

4th graders can do it too!

We are going to church for soup supper tonight.
I am warming clam chowder as I type.

Take care everyone!
Heather ;-)