Friday, August 28, 2009

Our week...what was and what will be!

Melly's whirlwind Birthday tour...
It has been a busy week...Thank you to everyone in our life who helps support us and our dreams. We thank God too! I have not even looked at the weather for our trip. It is a good thing I like the rain to some degree. Hoping for Bullwinkle on September 1 and maybe caribou in December! I think I like caribou the best! Getting ready tonight and we are on the run. Happy weekend to everyone! Heather ;-)

Before school today!
Hunter, mom, and eagleboy!
Watermelon in Alaska? 133 pounds to boot!
Corn too, who knew? I'm a poet and I did know it!
Yummy jam making material!

The train picture is for Hunter and Marina!
Peace out!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hunter and Mom's Saturday Adventures

Hunter and I had a wonderful breakfast. Then we bolted to Toys R Us, the SPCA, Chuck E Cheese, and to Century 16 to see G-Force. We ended the afternoon with a nice dinner then Steve and Marina came home from their trip. We all read at bedtime and got up early for church this morning for the blessing of the backpacks. Getting up early is a bit more of a challenge for some than others...I am definitely a morning person and a night person. Burn that candle baby!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy weekend!

I have not blogged in...ages! Sometimes you have to go on computer strike.
The weekend is half over and there is still homework to be done. Marina and Hunter both have projects due on Monday. The race is on...Sunday will bring the Blessing of the Backpacks at church and Ms. Melanie's arrival.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blueberries are us!

Happy Sunday!
Back to the work tomorrow; Steve has the kids all day, yehoo! We also have a super special family gig tomorrow, I am sooo excited. We are going to be making connections and moving forward, even in the face of adversity ;-)
( and that is putting it mildly)
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Happy trails, Heather

Took Hunter to work with me Friday!
Krista is one of my favorite people,
she has taught me sooo much!
I love Marina's new glasses, very cute!
The blueberries are gigantic and beautiful.
We had a fire at the Summerlin cabin!
Me and hubby!
Blueberries forever...
Thank you for the invitation Alana,
we'll be back!

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday...yipee ;-)

Hunter is a babe, so is mom!
Happy Friday. I went back to work Monday and was on the run the first two days. I am happy now to be back in my cubby. For our anniversary, Steve and I are trying to plan our first hunt together . We will go for moose first, then deer, and maybe caribou in December. I would love to go to Adak...we will see how much room we have in the freezer. The peeps will have to help us out if we need room. ;-)

We get Marina today ;-) and Hunter goes to his dad's for three days of vacation :-( Not sure what the weekend holds, blueberry picking in Talkeetna, silver fishing up north, both? Anywhoos, I am planning for a no stress weekend. My batteries need charging whatever I do. Long sleep in the motor home...we always sleep good when we are camping. Have a great weekend wherever you may be. Love and Gods Blessings, Heather
Hunter practicing his knot and roping skills.
I met up with Kathy in Eagle River.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The last weekend!

Steve asked Michelle and Alexis to stay through the weekend.
It was nice to have the extra time.

We went to the movie UP after church...
We ate my homemade salsa ;-)
We played the Ungame...
Alexis became a pro dart shooter.
We ate caribou for dinner, yummy!
They left during the wee hours Monday to fly home :-( We miss 'em...
I am back to work and on the run. I saw lots of parents at high school registration yesterday. Very fun job ;-) Hunter happy he is going to Mo's today, me too! Got to get off to work. Take care all, Heather