Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prince William Sound... where we hope to be!

Hunter has a long weekend with dad and thanks to a last minute trade day, so do me & Steve.
We need to shrimp like mad & fill the freezer. At the rate we've been getting out in the sound (2x last year), we've got to do what we can, when we can. Steve wants to go farther out for halibut. I'm sure we will one day, depending on the weather. It's supposed to be partly/partly...anytime there is even a little blue in the sky, it puts a little happy in my world.

We leave for Oregon to visit Marina next Tuesday, right after the long weekend. I'm excited to say that I'm planning a trip to Reno with Hunter on the heals of our visit with Marina. My bestest buddy Mel and her kids are there for wrestling camp. Hunter & I are crashing for a marvy couple of days. Just like ol' times, but with lil partners in crime. Yehoo for fun in the sun & a pool! Then we come home, Hunter goes to dad, and our adult weekend is up for dibs, more PWS if I have my way. What a crazy summer...

Hunter's taking a little down time.

Have a safe, fun 4th of July Weekend everyone!
Happy trails wherever they may lead.
Steve, Heather & Hunter

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 is good!

Wonderful news...on 2 fronts!
It's going to be a great year...

Monday, June 28, 2010

So much fun!

I wish summer forever...

Back to reality for a few days!
Steve didn't waste any time...

Oregon is my 2nd favorite state,
favorite in a few ways...

Steve relived his childhood on our trip.

You cannot believe how far down that is...

Another beautiful beach!

Largest Sitka pine in her time.

Oysters are us!
Just lucky...

Mike & Carolyn's both love antiques.

The real deal...yummy food!

The barn is unbelievably cool!

Steve spent all day with uncle Dundy,
who I finally met after six years.

I love sunflowers.

The favorite uncle followed us to the tavern.
3 a.m. to bed, up 7ish to get to a plane.

This was too cool not to post...
found it when we went for shrimp permits.

Funny thing, I would have twice as many pictures to post,
but my life was threatened by in-laws!
Headed back to PDX next week to spend time with Marina.
I planning on having a lot more fun that I can't post, teehee!
Here's to a safe 4thof July weekend everywhere.
Happy trails, Heather

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blue sky & sun r showing...;-)

Happy summer!

Ignore my hair, I ran out of conditioner. I'm down 14# and happy with my less plump face in pictures. I am trying for 30# by September 1, hunting season. How much nicer it is getting around without the extra pounds. I feel better in every way.

It was fun hanging out with Hunter & the 200 other kids at camp. They were much better mannered this year. I only had to argue with one kid about brushing his teeth, he brushed. Hunter pulled my ear and asked me not to embarrass him, more than once. I'm nice, but firm! teehee We won't see Hunter for 10 days after today. I already miss him.

The cabin didn't smell like dirty socks this year.

Riding the bucking bull!

I love going to camp with Hunter!

Lining up for lunch, exit stage left!

The table displays my birthday purchases!
About 1/2 of it was for the kids...

Before & after...
sad to say I feel it today,
not very hungry still!
It was beyond yummers!

Happy trails all!
The weekend is almost here...again!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally time to blog...

My (updated) birthday post!

Hunter left for scout camp Monday night! He's on his own for this week, then off with dad to Veges for a week. I'm volunteering at camp tomorrow during the day, then I won't see Hunter for 11 days :-( I'm excited for him, but a little melancholy. With both kids gone and Steve back at work, I'm a little off. You'd think I'd be excited?

Hunter insisted on cooking dinner,
he's a mini Steve, fishing, cooking...
I love it!

...waiting in line at Camp Carquist,
gate opened at 7 p.m.

Hunter vacuumed the motor home.
He is such an awesome helper!

Steve and I took off with Hunter to Chitina again on June 7th. We got the fish wheel going three hours after we pulled in because Steve was on a mission. Well...mission accomplished for the year!We've spent the last bunch of days processing fish. We sent 25 reds to PDX within 48 hours of being caught, very cool.
Thank goodness for Leo
helping get the wheel to the bank.

Got the wheel in by 10ish p.m.

2 fish in the basket!

Seagulls calling after the salmon are filleted.

The boys are off!

Gorgeous except the wind!

A fresh jack king.

Last years king, sashimi grade.

Leo and guests.

We love eagles!

Hunter can head, gut a fish with vigor.

Hunter started with his Boy Scout knife,
it was a little painful to watch.
When he 1rst got to use a fillet knife,
he exclaimed,"that was so easy mom!"Our haul!

Five days without a shower...
...still a fishing babe! <*}}}>< Lucky is a well seasoned traveler.
She snoozed on the dash in the sun.

Marina found out we were going to the AS picnic
and convinced her mom to let her go with us.
It was really nice to see her for a few hours.
Hunter and Marina were two peas in a pod,
non-stop talking and excitement all night.

Ran into Holly and the gang!

Mom and dad pulled out of town headed to the lower 48 last Thursday night. Just missed them, with us staying the night at Beaver Lake Friday night while they were only 9 miles away at the Lake Louise cutoff. We're happy they're finally getting to go on their journey. Dad is driving a huge class c, towing the little ranger behind. It is a nice setup for them to journey across the country.

The weather doesn't look good for getting out in the sound this weekend, darn it. Maybe a catch up weekend at home, rent movies and squeeze house and yard work in between. Steve is at work this Friday to catch up on his committments. We may get out tothe Perdew family reunion in Oregon next weekend...if all goes as planned!

Happy trails all, Heather #41
p.s. here is my yummy dinner...