Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adventures over the holidays!

Successful cow hunt!

mid-November 2013
Cow tag! 

Shot to undressed and on our way home in four hours.

Happy birthday to my handsome husband.
I knew he would love the country oldies.

Hunter is almost six feet tall...crazy!

In Denver for the Broncos Chargers game.

Shopping at H&M 

Dylan at state wrestling!
Go Raiders...

Hunter ended up liking basketball.
It's in the running for high school now.

One of my favorite mentors leaving me for Eagle River campus!
Sad for us, but so happy for Kim.

Hot moms!

Again, Marina with the photo bombing, 
Hunter acting crazy on purpose, 
and Lucky as lazy as ever!
Trying to go tubing...not enough snow!
darn nag it

Bowling babes. 
Who knew they give a UAA student discount.

Our life at this moment!

We are so blessed.
Happy trails.