Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Steve...cha cha cha! ;-)

Another day in our house...

To celebrate Steve's birthday last night, we had salmon patties, rice, salad, German chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Yummy! He wouldn't be too happy if I posted how many years old he is, so lets just say, he's older than me.

The kids were up late doing the rest of their homework. It never ends, plus it's the end of the quarter and we are trying to make up all the work that was missed elsewhere. Marina is working hard to get it all done.

I made dinner, but Steve helped cook the patties.
The gang's all here...
Steve having birthday cake!
He's so handsome...and shy.
Jeremiah finishing one of his Home Economics projects.
Marina doing Social Studies.
Marina made a ship out of her waffle this morning...
it takes imagination, and she's got one. :-)

Me and our handsome Hunter.
Me and our beautiful Marina.

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