Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Bayliner adventures...

Last weekend before going back to work...
Love hanging with my hubby!

 Saw Hunter at grammies!
Nice to see my kid...

 Another mini vacation!

 Humpbacks having fun!

 Tried shrimping somewhere new.
Got more than expected...

 Awesome sunsets!

 View from bed!

 Sashimi, Copper River King!

 Fresh shrimp Louis...mmm!

 Killer whales in our sleep spot!
Again, just as we woke up...

  Morning fog as predicted. 
Very calm seas.

 Always sad to leave...

Bear on deck when we woke up...

Summer's flying...adventures with family & friends!

Our first adventure with Wayne n Brooke!

Takes me forever to post pics...
always on the run, 
or helping those on the run!
Loving life and happy days.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More summer with family & friends!

What an amazing Alaskan summer!

Our daily walk!

Steve hooping it up with Hunter!
All from seed, now bring on the veggies!

Putting the tramp together...
I love my hubby!

Summer with Melly & Co.

The first month of summer with the kids & my bff!

My hair is finally growing...:-)
Dyl's wrestling camp
Dylan is a beast...

Always playing bball with my dude...
Hunter is getting so tall!
Hiking in Kincaid along the beach!

Walked uphill both ways, lol.
Picnics all over Alaska this summer.

Fun in the sun n breeze!
So many adventures,
not enough time!
Happy summer!

Steve's halibut charter

Deep Creek 07/02/13

Steve's boy's only fishing trip!

Thankful for the bounty this trip provided!