Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue & Gold + Girl Scouts Fur Rondy!

What a short weekend!

Five of our troop showed up for the Fur Rondy parade...I'm sorry Marina didn't come. It was very nice when the sun was hitting us, but it's cold downtown in the shade of the buildings. Today was our only "day off" and I'm not sure what has been so off about it. We did the dishes, went to Costco, then went tanning and to the gym! The tanning was an anniversary present for both of us, Steve is doing it too, hehe. ;-)Marina just came home and we're having a scrumptious red and king salmon dinner, with sashimi and fresh broccoli to top it off. I'm having a toddy too...1 shot of CC and a diet lemon lime soda, yehoo 100 calorie appetizer.
Hope everyone had a least "one day off" :-) Happy trails for the week, Heather

We ate the most yummy food at Blue & Gold.

Friday at Mat-Su Technical High School.
I got to interview kids all day and they fed us.

Dessert for sure...
Great presentation.

I was among friends.

I love working in the schools.
I am exposed to sooo much
;-) My true passion...
great material for pix!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking forward to the weekend!

Canstruction... the University Center! ;-)

In support of the Food Bank & Fur Rondy!

I worked out after dropping off the kids at school, yehoo! Six days a week now. Steve is picking up the kids & headed to the orthodontist. I got off at noon and came home until 4:45 when I will go to the King Career Center Open House. It should be a lot of fun ;-) My boss has always done KCC, but she's in Florida, so I lucked out. Girl Scouts was changed until tomorrow to compensate. After that we have the Blue and Gold Banquet with Cub Scouts. Can you say dinner? The kids got up early to get on Club Penguin, two days in a row! ;-) Whatever works I say...I was lounging this morning and I loved it! The sun is beaming and I'm feeling good.
Happy trails all ~Heather

Spoiled kids...

Spoiled kitty...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

Last week and weekend!
Girl Scouts Thinking Day!
Mr. Pugh won a $50.00 gift certificate
from New Sagaya, yehoo!

Friendship Cirlce ;-)

Those are halos...
...they're trying to be angels!

Hunter finally got to join in...

Raimey and Caitlyn!

She is so cute!

West High Freshmen night!

February is almost over, clamming is coming, the time is flying. Just got news that a dear friend might be moving back to Alaska...she is coming to visit either way and I am very excited! ;-) Company in and out for the whole month of March then spring will officially be sprung with our annual clamming trip, hallelujah! I pray for strength and forgiveness every day, life is not always a bowl of cherries. Too much work has to be done that we have no control over. Ugh to the dark side. Thank God for the light! Happy trails to everyone, wherever they may lead! ~Heather

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy hump day...;-)

Short day today...

Long day Thursday & Friday!

I love the balance of a flexing schedule. Time at home...for homework, taxes, working out, Blogzzz, yehoo! We're going to Alaska Cares after school today to donate stuffed animals, lots! Hunter & Marina each have a bag to share with abused children.

Tomorrow I split the day ending at West High for incoming freshmen night. Steve will be taking the kids to Costco where they'll also eat dinner, Cub Scouts after that. Thinking Day is Friday, in conjunction with a sleepover of nine 4th, 5th & 6th grade girls, help! Jillaine is spending the night and the kids are off by noon ;-) We are making signs to carry in the Fur Rondy parade. I hope Marina will want to go, if she doesn't, Steve and I may leave to look at boats. Didn't get out last weekend which was probably a good thing. Steve has been warding off a cold and the stress of travel would've put him under.

Short night last night, we ended up at City Diner...
We did not want McD's and kids 12 & under eat free!
It was great, except on the scale.

Marina loves to draw!

A very nice dinner!

Hunter correcting math.

Our yummy little friend!

Lucky was very soft footed.

My boys...hanging!

Going to clean house now...
if it wasn't for deadlines, would anything ever get done?
Take care all, Heather
p.s. Hi mom!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Hunter's home!

We went out to Ichibon last night, very yummy! It's been a while since we were there and I forgot my camera, so no pictures of our beautiful meal. Mimi gave out roses too, very thoughtful.

As soon as Steve gets home we are going to the movie's with Hunter's class. We pick Marina up at five. Then we are off to the races for the short week...Happy trails to all, Heather

Our little friend and mom Sunday afternoon.
Dinner Saturday, halibut, muscles, and shrimp in cheesy dill.

Friday morning with the kids.

Hey Road Runner!

Quite a few visits from you. Our life is on a better path and we are a family. Karma comes to mind. Gods Blessings and peace to you. We hope you find the good in life too. Happy trails, Heather

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Superbowl Sunday & beyond...

Thank you Pat & Shari!
The biggest bottle ever!
The kids had their own pad!
With all of the amenities...

We love babies.

Steve was beaming.

My favorite picture of my two favorite guys!
Cannot wait to Photoshop it!

Look at that shot...field goal?

Shari is a babe...Marina and Steve too.

Only two more days until the will not be over then! We may go to PDX this weekend to look at a boat. I am wondering if the flights fall apart how sad we'll be stuck at home getting to sleep in without responsibilities. What a week...Girl Scouts last night and for dessert I went to Mustang Roundup at Chugiak, very fun except driving alone in the dark on the highway.

Caught him eating a superworm.

Our can person, featuring Mr. Pugh.

The Chugiak Mustang!

Mustang Roundup!

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Time to get the kids out of bed...
Take care, Heather