Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas break starts tonight...

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

What a week it has been. We had a family emergency this morning, thanks to everyone for your well wishes and prayers. We were also served with two more filings this week. When the kids want to know why we can't afford to do stuff, it's always the same old song and dance. It would be nice not to have the huge court costs and so much interference. We all need some peace.

Hunter and Marina had a Portfolio Share and a Read In at school for their last day at school. Marina and I are home alone tonight while the boys are at the Cub Scout Christmas. It is pretty quiet here...Marina is finishing up her paperwork so we can have a free day tomorrow and just PLAY PLAY PLAY before they go to their other parents. I get to spend the whole day with the kids tomorrow and I am off work until January 4th. The university is the best place to work! I am truly blessed in so many ways...if the rest of the stuff would end, life would be the greatest.

I hope everyone has a safe, fun, happy holiday!
Take care and God Bless,

Marina as a dancing snowflake in the
Aquarian production of the Polar Express!

The kids all did a fabulous performance!
We had our Girl Scouts Christmas yesterday!
Marina and Isabelle are performing the
Jingle Bell Rock like at the Polar Express.

The kids played games and made
candy cane reindeer ornaments,
boys too...
They played Apples to Apples?
Hunter and Marina will teach me how tomorrow.
Hunter at portfolio share today!
I took a break from the hospital to go.

Marina doing housekeeping tonight...
so our tomorrow is free.

Marina in her snow pants I bought her in the spring.
No holes in these, she is a babe!


  1. hi. lol it's me Sitka 001. The girl in those pics. Lol just got done w/ 150 sentences! lol lol! My hands are KILLIN me. Lol at least im done. I got u tube vids. Reply! i had a HUUUGE melt down d other day. i waz(and still am) very sorry. so yeah... (plz dont go spreadin' this around. plz?)

  2. Yes i have a club penguin account... (I talk like a pirate don't ye think?)