Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy at home...

Happy New Year's Eve, Eve!

All hands were out of bed and on deck by 8 a.m. Then the kids spent the morning and early afternoon lounging and playing. Only when we had homework to do was there any stalling. They had to think of three things to do for their science projects, then write a paragraph for each one why they chose what they did. Thankfully they also spent 20 minutes picking up the's very nice to see the floor again.

I spent an hour online doing Girl Scout cookie training...we will start pre-sales on January 8th. Boy the year has flown by, it seems like we just did all this. Very soon things will be back to a normal like we have not known since we got married. We got a new special treat...and it is a treat that keeps on giving, even when it is least expected. Karma is a wonderful thing.

Amore per la vita

Happy trails & Happy New Year!
Heather & the Gang

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