Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

from our family to yours...

Yes, I look like a chipmunk...
wishing I had fur to cover my chins.

Made ya smile.
Great picture!


Awesome to have Chris home for Christmas,
it changed prayer up a bit.

The cat finally got to come out.

Christmas all night long.

Staying up late and sleeping all day?
I wish...
up since 315 a.m.

Moose tenderloin thawing out...
how's that for Christmas dinner?


Happy trails,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our life...

We are thankful :-)

Eyeglass holder from Alexis and Michelle.

Thanksgiving at our house,
with our Alaska family!

the wind finally died down...
now I can wear my other new hair!

First good cut after chemo hair...

got the eBay wig bangs cut too...

Retired Alaska Airline girls!
well, all but one...

Braving the snow to meet the girls.

Steve is on it with our new snow blower.

Got to see the Help at Bear Tooth!
Love getting the booths in advance.

Mel & I caught up with Dyl...
on his way back to DUT!

We always end up buying guns?

I love Hunter's get up for scouts.

Bjorn's daughter Celeste!
Looks like mama and daddy.

best year ever...teehee!
My '69 Camaro rocks!
cannot wait to drive it...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Our life...

at this moment!

Visited Luke & Ken before church Sunday!

Favorite food...

Marina has her own way...

Going to be a busy kid free weekend.
Happy trails, wherever they may lead!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our life...

at this moment!

Bras on parade at Cafe Del Mundo
Support Breast Cancer awareness!

I have lost a lot of my hair already.

Blue potatoes & peanut potatoes-n-onions,
cole slaw made from cabbage and carrots,
all of it from our garden!

I made the kids a banana cream pie!
They loved it, plus extra pudding on the side.

Lucky has taken over the chair,
especially now that I'm not in it so much!

He's definitely my kid!
Thanks be to God!
Happy weekend.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our life...

These days...

I only planted 2 sunflowers this year,
one for Hunter & one for Marina.

Here they are...with froggy me in tow!

What I thought was a two hour gig,
is really a four to five hour deal!

Once a month if all goes as planned,
not going to hold my breath!
Nothing with me is ever typical...


Marina joined cross country running!

Bowling with Jeremiah and Hunter.

Our kids were so happy to hang with Jeremiah!

Lunch with Kathy at Moose Tooth,
nice meal & good company before chemo...

Digging up our 4 types of potatoes!
We have purple potatoes,
very cool!

Maureen & her mom picked me up and took me to La Mex while Steve was hunting! It put a little happy in my day, during some extremely hard times. I was still dressed, which is rare, so I went. The kids wanted some time home alone, they were way to excited to get me out the door, ha. Later bedtime, unlimited electronics...hmmm! Whatever works?

I love Mo!

Thanks Rama!

I finally am getting over the nausea. I ate wonderful eggs, hash browns, & toast for brunch. Steve's schedule working nights & weekends is playing havoc here. A blessing too, for me especially, but, OUR schedule for us and our family is wankers. I don't sleep, he doesn't sleep, we don't see each other...Although I'm happy Steve gave up his lead, ramp bid time cannot come soon enough.

Now to plan our vacation bids for the year...always difficult to manage with so many orders going on. I just figured out who has who when, now to try to make it work...? Ha!

Life is good...

Karma is a funny thing,
you don't always see it come around.
Let me say, if it does, pay attention.
Thanks be to God!