Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Distractions are a good thing...

Marina helped Hunter get a splinter out.
Doctor Brekke is here to help...

Made homemade salsa for the gang last night.

Considering all the circumstances, we had a very nice evening. Thank goodness we have trust and our kids were able to share all of their feelings when we played the UnGame last night. Two nights in a row we have had special stuff going on and got to bed a wee bit late. Mel and Mandy took a denied boarding to get 2 free Alaska Airlines tickets (anywhere they fly) and stayed with us an extra night. We were all very happy to have them here, especially on this day!

Dad made it through his surgery with flying colors. It looks like he is going to be a handful for my mom (taking it easy is not his strong suite). Steve went over last night to help Chuck get dad settled...thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for dad too.

Thanks be to God for all of our blessings!
Please help all of the people in the world find peace.
Love, Heather

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  1. hehe what was so fun, totally buying that game. We could be deeper...chuckling at our outfits...Hunter's sweats and a funny giant t too! Thanks sooo much for being there guys, glad to be a buffer for y'all too!
    And glad to NOT eat out and have wholesome moose burger NOT a resturant.