Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home alone...again!

Being sick is no fun :-(

I made Italian meatballs filled with
sauteed onion, garlic, and cheese,
very nummers!

Steve's plate...

My plate,
I only ate 2 of the meatballs,
not much of an appetite,
just enough to take meds.

I am proud to say,
we grew the cucumbers,
the toms came from Ruby's garden,
we made our Italian sausage,
and we eat damn good!

p.s. garlic bread 4 kids not pictured,
but that was homemade too!

Last Thursday's
Gladys Wood Football Jamboree!

Aquarian won all three games.

They were good sportsman.

and we were all very proud!

Ya know, my fav, the moon!

I must be out of it,
home for the week &
this is my first post!

Visited the doctor again this a.m.,
here's to not getting worse &
hopefully getting on the mend.
Stopping into work tomorrow,
to pick up work for next week.
I miss my work.

Almost the weekend again...
time flies, even when your not having fun.
Take care out there!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


We are celebrating!

Thanks to Ken and his big scissors...
I cannot express how thankful we are
for his ambition and thoughtfulness.

We celebrated by taking the kids to dinner.
Life is good in the Brekke house.
It's almost Friday, yehoo!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank goodness Friday is payday!

I'm very thirsty...

and the bank account resembles an empty glass, ugh! Payday is Friday...yehoo! Maybe a night of dancing and toddies at Eddies??? We don't have the kids this weekend and I am going to try to convince Steve a night out will do us some good. If his new earlier hours at work don't put him to bed early Friday night.

Steve took a truck load to the dump yesterday, and now the yard is finally cleared out of extra stuff. The weekend will bring the opposite of spring cleaning, it's fall and it's time to put everything from summer away. Oh yea, and mow the leaves covering the back yard; we need to get rid of that cottonwood tree.

The work week is officially in full swing with Steve's new schedule starting today. I was at South High yesterday when the earthquake shook the building...the kids were under the tables pronto! Gotta love preparedness! I'm off to get ready for our day...have a great week! ~Heather

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yummy tenderloin & burger...

thank you moose!

First burger patties fresh out of the grinder!
Dinner is on...

A big pot o' ribs!

Up very late processing.

Anniversary lunch at Dami, koi included.

Should be an awesome day!
Have a great weekend all,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

For Ruby

What an anniversary present!
...and sushi for lunch because we had a little extra.
A nap for dessert, before we started processing.
Better get back to making burger.
Happy trails. Heather

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The happy hunter!

We are truly blessed!

...and thankful.
Yummers :-)

Monday, September 13, 2010

We're rich!

Breaking news!

Steve just shot a moose on Ft. Richardson! He’ll be up really late. We ran out of burger weeks ago...yehoo for a yummy big bull and fresh backstrap n burger. Marina and Hunter don't know yet, they were in bed when I found out. Steve shot last year's moose 364 days ago on our anniversary, this will be the first anniversary that we've shared since we got married, 4 years now! A very happy night in the Brekke house.

Yea Steve! 5 hours into the hunt hubby shot a 52” bull moose with his new muzzle-loader. We’ll be up to our neck in moose tomorrow. Life in the Brekke house couldn't get much better.

p.s. Prince William Sound photos are in lieu of moose pictures coming soon.

Placing buoys ever so perfectly.

Surprise Cove

Beautiful scenery...

Thanks be to God for all of our riches!
Happy trails,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new boat for my husband...

because he's the best!

A certain moment at the fair this year
brought karma up front and personal.
The kids saw for themselves that good becomes good,
gotta love those teachable moments!
Happy trails,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our day at the Alaska State Fair!

...and we ate good too!

I rode on the first ride with the kids.

Hunter & Marina are two peas in a pod.

Everyone's a winner...
just depends how much you can afford to spend.

Hunter is really good at the carny games.

Ran into Krista, one of our Girl Scouts.

Root beer is Hunter's favorite, along with a dog.

Marina is a Sprite and taco kinda gal.

They enjoy competing against each other.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving...

loving on the goats...

Marina missed the signage, pet only, don't pick up .

On our way out...

...enjoying the sunset!

Thanks for the awesome day at the fair!
Same time next year...
Happy trails, heth

The kids are trying to convince us that this is a great deal for a boat and they want to help pay for it. We thanked them for wanting to help, but told them they should keep their allowance and that if we get a boat, Steve and I will take care of paying for it. Although, they raise some good points...we'll see how it all plays out. Our family needs a bigger ride to get out in the big Alaska ocean. My prerequisite is that there has to have a big V-berth, it's the only thing I look for, teehee! All other things can be figured out.... :-)