Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our family...

Our weekend!

Friday was awesome. After we finished our chores we made it to the hill at the school. Fresh untouched powder, all ours for the taking. A great way to burn the extra calories, deep snow!

Well, we made it to the movies on Saturday and got one of the last spots in the parking lot at Century 16, what the??? It was jam packed. Never will I go to that theater drink refills, unless you pay $3. We spent over $50 on a cartoon. Regal is way better for the $.

We just put the kids to bed to read and now I'm off to pack because I'm leaving to Vegas tomorrow. Hoping for some good times, it should be really fun at UNLV! I'm definitely going to miss the family, but I'm looking forward to Steve having a whole week with the kids. Lots of running around for him, thank goodness he doesn't have to work. His days on paper already look full.

I'm also hoping for a plane with free wi-fi from Anchortown to Seattle and on. Thanks to Honda for the promo! I can finish my Christmas calendar on the plane, yehoo! I just finished our Christmas card order online before I got on my blog. Check that off the list, NEXT.

The countdown to Christmas is on...

Take care all.
Happy trails

Friday, November 26, 2010

Put up tree & have a fire

tonight I hope!

At 3:30 today, Steve will be off work for 11 days! I gave him my truck to drive to work and skipped Black Friday. We have some serious deep in our driveway! The kids and I are going to stay home and play in the snow! I'm suiting up, sled hill here we come.

With the last two days of this three day week canceled, a lot of chores got done around the house. I am feeling better already;-) Marina's Birthday & Thanksgiving were nice but went too fast. The kids had pie and ice cream after dinner and then birthday cake again right before bed. Steve mentioned something about cake for breakfast...

Steve was up way late...

Mushrooms, the only thing kids don't have to eat!
Thankfully this was just what she ordered.

Extra disk for their viewing pleasure.

We had wanted to go to a movie yesterday, but ran out of time. Maybe this weekend, except we might go ice-fishing. Not enough time in the day to do it all. At retirement maybe? Is there ever enough time?

I'm hoping for a happy New Year that includes continuity and peace! I'm off to to finish the calendar for Christmas, it takes me forever to put them together. I missed our photo opp for Christmas cards last night, so it'll be at church on Sunday.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

...weekend over way too fast

It was yummy!

We went to the valley and bought a snow machine this afternoon. What a view of the sunset on the way home, Anchortown was beautiful! Sad to say that was at 4p.m. When does it start getting lighter?

Steve and Marina went to the 5:01 dinner/service and confirmation and I have a moment to post. We had sushi/sashimi and shrimp Louis last night. I ate the leftover yummys for dinner tonight. A very relaxing weekend, we got to sleep in both days. I love lounging with hubby!

I leave to Las Vegas for a conference the Monday after Thanksgiving. I will visit the culinary program at UNLV too. I wish my husband could meet me there...sadly commitments keep us from fun couple stuff. Going to shower before the fam gets home.

Take it easy this week.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone &
Happy Birthday to Marina!
;-) Heather

Monday, November 1, 2010

More Halloween & birthday fun!

Fall festival...

at the UAA Halloween Fair!

Hunter every Thursday.

Happy birthday to mom!

Happy Friday!
Our weekend ~ changing tires,
nummy meals ~n~ getting out.

Red Green on Saturday
sleeping in before the
La Mex get together on Sunday!

Oh yeah, & chores! ha ha

Happy trails this weekend.