Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our far!

Happy Halloween!

We spent our morning at church getting our pictures taken for the directory and hopefully our Christmas cards if it works out. Then we went to the Dimond Walmart (Ugh!!!) to get supplies for Girl Scouts, we ended up getting our groceries for the week and spending way too much $$$.

The kids just finished chores and homework so they can go trick-or-treating. Yummy treats for mom and dad tonight too. Not sure what's for dinner, maybe just candy! teehee ;-P

Tomorrow is mom's birthday so Steve is making a big pot of his wonderful spaghetti and homemade bread. Chuck, Doreen, Kendra, Jeremiah, and mom & dad will be here for a birthday brunch.

Hope everyone has a
Great weekend!
Happy trails, Heather

Luke spent his Friday off with us!
We picked up Marina at 3:30 so she got to visit too.
Our pictures at church this am.
Marina said we had to do our:
"traditional pose"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Festival @ Aquarian!

Hunter at portfolio share with me & his dad.
Hunter as a ninja & Marina as a pirate, arg!
Of course we did the cakewalk...
Many 7th grade Aquarian alumni showed up.
Cannot wait for tomorrow!
Halloween for real...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our impromptu Sunday trip to Chitina!

Yummy turkey dinner Saturday,
after we put the motorhome to bed!

Liberty Falls new remodel.
The Copper river was the
lowest we've ever seen...

The swans were massive & plentiful!
The bunny got to live...
Picnic with a view...
Home to a view of the
sunset in the driveway!
The end. ;-)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our week...with pictures!

What a week! It started out with snakes and moved on to airplanes. After I presented at Aviation on Wednesday, I snuck over to the Honor Roll assembly. I had told the kids I wouldn't be there, but it worked out, yehoo! We are sooo proud of our kids. They both made honor roll and Hunter had PERFECT attendance, of course, he's my kid!
The week ended today with portfolio share in Marina's classroom. What a beautiful day it turned out to be, over 50 degrees! We sat outside and checked out Marina's portfolio at the picnic tables. Steve and I are alone this weekend ;-). We're still winterizing...we missed out on covered storage for the motor home so Steve is improvising in the driveway! Work work work, play play should be a great weekend no matter what. We are home alone too...what a life.
Hope everyone has a great sunny weekend! Love, Heather

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Have not blogged lately...

The last week of running club the kids played red light, green light! The 6th graders ran it and that was obvious from the torturous red light, red light they kept bullhorning.
Last Tuesday we were blessed to get a quick visit with Melanie on her way back from Mexico. We had a nice moose burger dinner then we picked up a frosty before she went back to the Sheraton to hang with hubby who had his wisdom teeth removed and was not up to a visit.

There was a fall festival at church this weekend. The kids had a blast, painting pumpkins, frosting cookies, face painting, etc. Steve, mom, dad, and I all played BINGO! Steve & I both got BINGO's, hence the cup and cookbook we got for prizes.
Last but not least, I attended the principal's conference at the Sheraton yesterday and hung out with a big girlie snake! The places my work takes me are so much fun...there was an alligator, turtle, and frog too! Today I am off to Service then tomorrow Aviation, yehoo! Things are pretty mellow here this week, lots of homework, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, projects galore. That's mellow for us! Hope y'all have a great week. ;-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday with the family...

Kids showing off souvenirs...

Rockhopper appreciates Coca~Cola too!

Atlanta was AWESOME ;-)

Beluga's are 1 of my favorites!
I had a great trip to Atlanta!

I really missed Steve & the kids,
strange, it gave me some time alone,
but I really missed my family.

At the ANC airport on the way to Atlanta!
My husband worked my flight...he's a babe!
Centennial Park hosted the 1996 Olympics!
We found an awesome local jam in Centennial Park!
We could not have planned such a find.
The last Wednesday Wind Down
Blue's and Jazz concert!
Vicki & I had a great conference
The moon is just shy of full,
I love the moon!
The Atlanta Aquarium!Jack Fish swimming in circles...
Cool eels, like garter snakes!
The fish were beautiful & ugly at the same time!
A wolf fish looking like a little old man.
The snake & the frog...

We visited the Coke museum!

We ate really good food!
We rode the train back to the airport!
And finally took a long flight home!
I am glad to be back!