Thursday, April 22, 2010

My panorama Photoshop project...

This is a panoramic view of the property we want.
Created with three different photos!

Summer's coming...

How fast this year is going...

Dad comes home tomorrow, yehoo! I think he and mom will be a lot more comfortable together at home. Steve's cooking them some yummy treat, oh yeah, gotta pull something out of the freezer. ;-)

They are easy to please...

Hunter got a turn in "the chair"!

We had our last Girl Scout meeting last night and our end of year bash is next Saturday. We are going bowling w/pizza and then some place called Bouncing Bears. Hunter's Webelo meetings end next Thursday too. My work year will be over on June 4, so summer will really be on!

Marina is with us every other weekend for the majority of summer and Hunter will be with his dad, so Steve and I will have a lot of time to play out in the boonies. If we're awarded the property we bid on, we'll have a back up plan for our "extra weekends" when the PWS weather doesn't agree with us.

I hope everyone has a sunny day!
Happy trails, Heth

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is there something in the water?

Why are people so obsessed?

I got to be on an interview committee
so I broke out the mascara!

Let's all move along...the easy way or the hard way! I am too old for the hard way when the easy way works too. Ohhmmmm, Ohhhmmmm ;-) Kids are easy...tee hee ;-)

Haven't had any time to post pictures,
so this is a week's worth...

Yes, children are obsessed too...

We snuck off to the Sportsman's show.
Boats boats boats....

Would love to get a moose for our garden.
Talkeetna I think???

Cute falcon...

Yummy king.

An awesome taxidermy scene.
It was too crowded for a nicer pic.
They are tanning our wolf.

We split a burger & fries at Eddie's
after the Sportsman's show.

I am missing my husband looking at these pics!
Pray he has a safe flight home.

Is it Friday yet?
Happy trails ~Heather

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a week...

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Jeremiah & Hunter at Church

Easter Brunch at church to support the youth group.

Hunter's chocolate on chocolate cake,
Marina even had a piece!

Legos are Hunter!

Hanging with Hunter at Barton's after school.

Hail storm on the way out of Providence last night.

Gotta go finish planning Girl Scouts for tonight.
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
I am not sure when this day will end...
Lord let it be good.
Happy trails, Heather

Friday, April 2, 2010

Family time...

Turnigan Arm boar tide...
awesome power!

Clams are us ;-) or not as the case was...there were an abundance of 2" clams. We ended up getting 90 total. We ate some last night, only 82 more clams to clean :-) ha ha

Not as beautiful coming home in a big snow storm, from Cooper Landing to Bird Creek, fun fun. We rounded the corner and saw a large large patch of blue over Anchortown, nice weather here, yehoo!

Hunter's birthday is on Easter this year so the day goes...9 a.m. breakfast at church, egg hunt, worship service, party with chocolate cake and ice cream at our house, and then we top it off with the last matinee of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Hunter is treating us all to a movie for his birthday, what a babe.

One things for sure, spring has sprung. I hope everyone has a great weekend! On the run...
Happy Easter, Heather