Sunday, May 30, 2010

The boys are off...

on the road to Chitina!
2 posts in a day, wow.
I'd better get to work now ;-)

Hunter was happy to ride shotgun!

Off like a herd of turtles...
by the crack of mid-afternoon!
Out planting the last of the seedlings...

Marinating caribou steaks for dinner,
wouldn't want to suffer or anything.
happy trails all ~ heth

Have a blessed & safe Memorial Day!

Home alone,
what to do?

Boys are getting ready to go to Chitina! We've been loading the motor home, planting the garden, and taking care of everything at home that needs doing before Steve and Hunter leave on vacation. My last day at work is on Friday, yehoo! I need a vacation too! We went after hooligan Thursday night, unbelievable weather and great fishing! Me and Hunter got in on the action too...
I made the most amazingly yummy banana sundae.

Out practicing baseball with Hunter,
I'm not a bad pitcher...
but I wouldn't want that responsibility full-time.

At grandma & grandpa's house
helping Chuck with the truck!

Happy trails everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Can you never get enough?

Good luck with that!

Graduation & the weekend!

What a beautiful morning!

Steve & Paul left to Chitina at 5 a.m. to put the fish wheel together. Had a wonderful time drinking coffee & lounging before he's going to be a long day for my hubby. June 1 will be here soon, I hope for lots of kings and full coolers. Hunter will be home at 7; I'll be ready to head out as soon as he shows up. Early in, early out I say! Then off to Costco after work and over to mom & dad's. Better go & get ready...
Happy trails to everyone,
wherever they may lead...
;-) Heather

Marina was so excited for graduation
& the dance that followed....

Marina & Hunter found injured butterflies.

Got an unexpected check in the mail...
so we went out for sushi ;-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a weekend!

Checking out the property!
& we got a great nights sleep...12hours!

Steve & kids going back to the motor home.
About 100 yards south of our corner post.

We spent the night at Buffalo Lake to try for fish...
we went walking after a caribou steak & egg breakfast!

6th Grade Graduation
6th Grade BBQ
Four other classes went to Valley of the Moon!
I stopped in after Marina's BBQ.

The kids ran the KIDZMILE after school, what a day!

Last day of school, yahoo!
Should be an interesting summer...
Happy trails, Heather

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our life...

What can we say?
Change is hard...
but good in the end.

Hubby looking lean in smaller pants ;-)

The last week has been a blur~~~here are pix going back a bit. Today is a new beginning for me. Cannot wait to find out what's shaking this weekend. Sounds like the hooligan are in, so maybe a change of plans? We'll know as soon as Steve gets home with the kids. Cannot wait to see my family...I get melancholy when I post, looking at pictures. ;-)

Hunter looking nice & lean.

Playing chess.

Hamming it up at breakfast!

Chili for mom & dad.

Lucky likes the attention to a point...
both kids abuse her tolerance levels.

We love being green!

Marina now refers to Hunter as her brother in's so sweet. Hunter has claimed Marina from the get go. It just warms my heart; they are brother & sister. What a wonder our families love is. ;-) New roots to boot...we've acquired an eight year? retirement project. 10 acres on a little lake near the Lake Louise cutoff. The kids want chickens...seriously! We were like, "uh, not for a lot of years"! We actually could, right now where we live...we've talked about it a little of course, teehee! Can anyone imagine me raising chickens? This princess does it all, yehaa ;-)

Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy as we can possibly be...

We got the property we bid on!


...see blog for a panoramic view of
our new retirement property ;-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Be the best you that you can be!

Karma ;-)

Your karma is your own doing...

Every person is responsible for his or her acts and thoughts, so each person's karma is entirely his or her own. Karma is in the hands of an individual to shape his/her own future by schooling his/her present.

Can you change karma?

Your soul is on a journey. Karmic situations in which you find yourself today are both your soul's mirror and travel guide. Karma can show you where you've been and where you might go to learn the lessons you've chosen for this lifetime.

Through understanding your unique destiny, you can adjust your actions to either change an ongoing situation, or gain new perspective on a past situation so you can avoid making the same mistake twice. By understanding karma, you can unlock the patterns from past lives and show you how to use the laws of karma to consciously choose a better path for this life and the next.

"Life is a magical journey. Take time to smell the roses and love with everything you have. Don't make promises that you cannot keep and try to keep from letting those who love you down." ~Heather

Monday, May 3, 2010

What a weekend!

3 more weeks of school!

Planting seeds tonight...
for another spectacular squash season!

We hurled the old dishwasher off the porch.

The ACTE Conference was over on Saturday just in time to get to the bowling alley to meet the Girl Scouts. We bowled for two hours and then went to Bouncing Bears. I am not sure why they were so hyped up about that place. I guess I might feel differently if I were 11.

The week ahead is filled with fun & adventure. Steve brought the Bayliner home tonight, yehoo! Hopefully we will be out in PWS this weekend getting some fresh shrimp and rockfish. No lingcod until July 1 darn it. It will be nice to be at one with nature sleeping under the stars. I've got to remember to charge the video camera, last summer we got great whale footage in the area we are going.

In case I don't have time to post again,
Happy early Mother's Day to all you moms!
Here is to sunny days ahead!
Take care everyone, ;-) Heather

My handsome hubby!

Hunter & Luke

Jaz & Caitlyn

Marina & Krista

Raimey & Krista

Our handsome boys!

Reading the rules at Bouncin Bears

Krista & Rebecca