Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday everyone!

Wow! The week has flown by...

Lucky is seriously strange.
She lounges in this position.
Steve called me over to take a picture.

We have a very busy weekend! Tonight Marina and I have a Mom's & Me Tea for Girl Scouts. Then we have a Christmas Party from 12-4 on Saturday, and bowling with Boy Scouts from 4-6. The church Christmas program is on Sunday...we may get a break after church, but we really wanted to take the kids ice fishing. We'll have to see if we can still function by then, teehee! I mentioned to Steve (after he mentioned we had no time this weekend) that he could take care of any chores on Monday while he is home and the kids and I are elsewhere. At least all we have is FUN stuff. No homework for the kids...all work for the quarter is due today. Yehoo!

Our kids are having fun and
Our life is starting to resemble normal.
Thank God!
Hope everyone has a safe, fun, warm weekend!
Happy trails, Heather
P.S. Does anyone else believe in Karma?

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