Saturday, July 21, 2012

Getting ready for camp...

Home for the week... getting ready for
Flathead Bible Camp in Montana
& Camp Gorsuch at Mirror Lake!

Hot mamas curing anxiety!

When there was sun!

Marina was happy to make the garter snake feel at home!

She is very good with all animals!

Mom & Hunter running around by 11 a.m.
Got the most awesome chair
at Sportsmans Warehouse,
like Grandma Ruby's,
just a little more $!

Tried to get Marina up to go,
she is nocturnal by nature,
so she slept til 230 p.m.

Hunter & mom are hams!

Love Kendra's shoes and polish!

I make the best cheesy broccoli bread!

My $ .75 cent date with Hunter...pool shark!

Leaning out with all the football everyday!
Hunter can afford to drink a small soda,
every so often...

A good attitude and hard work always pays off!

We only go round this world once,

make the most of it!

Peace be with you. ;-)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

on the run...

Steve & Marina...

...taking time to get Marina out fishing!
The summer is almost over & it barely got started!

loaded & ready at the crack of 8 p.m.

headed for Summit Lake!

Shopping with mom!
a new annual event...

lots of clothes & all half off!

Hunter & mom will be home
Monday - Saturday for football!

Uniform getting name embroidered!

So he's practicing as Teebow!

Apparently football is like marriage for commitment?
& he likes probably the next 6 years!
Hope he stays safe...

Love hanging with family...
Happy trails!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our family vacation...

Hunter & mom...

Love the view from my computer!

Hunter's 3' pike!

Getting ready to go...two minutes to take off!

Got out to take pics of the sheep...

we weren't the only ones...

Kenai Lake where I grew up.

Skipping rocks with mom.

Our old cabin...

View inside motor home...

...view outside motor home!

on our walk to the harbor ;-)

Mom makes the best breakfasts!

Chuck's old sailboat...the IMPULSE!

Kendra ran down this morning...

Hunter patiently waiting to use my wifi at library!

Time to hit the trail...
Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our life...

at this moment!

New tradition at
All Fired Up!

Dyl & Hunter tramping...
without any whining!

Gold fever...
Hunter got gold in his third pan!

Hot mamas at Summit Lake!

Boys & smores = MESSY!

Robin's nest above boys bathroom!

Hunter & his 55# backpack!

Steve in the same backpack...
looks a little better on him!

Off to the Nancy Lake Trail system for 5 days!

Melly brought us 30# of King Crab.
We are sooooo spoiled!

She also made us healthy open face crab samis!

now we know, no boxes with anything
wrong printed on them...oil, lighters, etc.
gosh darn rules anywhoo...
made for a cute box in the end.

Many ladies at the movies today.
R ratings keep those teens at home.
Longest only women lines I've ever seen!

Washing Bayliner for next trip!
If there is a next trip...

Summer vacation plans totally changed...

Hunter & I are off to support Kendra & Chris,
then who knows where we'll end up?

God help the tourists...I'm driving!
Happy trails.