Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love our kids!

We are blessed...

Both of the kids are so happy in school! I love love love that they are loving school, making friends, and showing more confidence! I have a split day today...I'm headed to South's Back to School night at 5:30. The half day gave me time to post, we've been so busy. I haven't even taken pics lately...I have been creating a facebook page for our program at UAA. I will post the link soon. Good information for students and parents.

I'm headed out to enjoy this day!
Happy trails, heth

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Anniversary Cruise ;-)

What an awesome trip!

20 years at Alaska Airlines...

Alaska Airlines employees system wide (minus flight attendants, who do their own thing), came to Seattle to celebrate anniversaries from 20-35 years. We went on a lunch cruise and had an awesome time! The weather was incredible too.

When we got to the Comfort Inn Tuesday night, there were 20 or so Alaska girls in the lobby whooping it up...it was great to see all the familiar faces. The only thing I miss about Alaska Airlines is the people, thankfully I get to have an Alaska life being married to my handsome hubby. The best of both worlds I say! I have my most wonderful career at UAA and the Alaska affiliation, yehoo! Plus, the company seniority I enjoy being married to the dude.

We hung out with Eve & Tim.

Space Needle from a different vantage.

Anchorage had a very well represented presence.
This is just a sampling...

The boys were living on the edge, literally!

Steve and Mary

A perfect end to a perfect day.
On the run to the airport to relieve the caregivers.

Happy trails!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some I know, some I don't...


Its fun to know who follows our site, even if the server is somewhere else, like another state or country...gotta love technology! It would be interesting to know who in London, England and Wilmslow, UK looks at our blog? Somebody we know, or someone who loves our Alaskan Adventures? Post a comment... :-)

Happy trails, Heather

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to the ol' grind tomorrow...

but for now,
happy Sunday!

Great news! STEVE PASSED his muzzle-loader proficiency test for his hunt on Ft. Richardson this fall/winter. What luck that he'll be home on our anniversary this year, only day hunting a few miles from home, yehoo! We'll be eating sushi I'm sure, especially if the good karma fairy shows up, we might even get presents.

Steve's been soaking a whole bunch of salmon in salt since Monday. He spent yesterday and today cutting the fat and skin off, then prepping 16 jars for his pickled silver salmon. I pray they turn out awesome with as much love as he put into them.

After two days of watching the BBC version of Walking with Dinosaurs I & II, we went to see the last showing of Walking with Dinosaurs at the Sullivan this afternoon! I'm really glad we bought nosebleed seats, definitely a kid event. Ice cream cones at McDonald's for dessert then home to watch more Walking with Dinosaurs before reading and bedtime.

Life is really good in our house!
Lots more fun stuff coming next week...yehoo!

Happy trails everyone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The first day of school!

The kids were very excited this morning...

Marina's first day at Central!

Practice, practice, practice...

Hunter wouldn't even let me
out of the truck to walk him in.
"I'm in 5th grade mom,"
was his statement as he ran off.
Gotta love the independence!

Hope everyone had a great day!
Happy trails,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tangles Adventures!

Missed the family this summer...

But, we made it up to Tangle lakes late Thursday night, you could even say Friday @ 1 a.m. Late -n- dark, all we found was a barricade & construction blocking the campground. Unbeknownst to us, they open every Friday at 2 and stay open until Monday a.m., you can stay during the week, but you're stuck there. We slept in a pullout and had a little wait Friday...I read. I usually don't have time, so I got through a great book! One half of two...next!

We got a great spot then launched the Klammath.

Friday night's dinner,
less than a hour out of the drink & in the pan!

The meat is a really pretty color.

Smores after the lake trout!

Hunter was the fire master.

Saturday a.m. trout fishing!

The kids fished from the boat...

...we fished from the bank!

Marina caught a laker.

Mama and babies...

So sorry folks...

This was at 10 p.m.

We are blessed,
even when there's rain,
there's always a rainbow.

There was a really nice rainbow,
only, Steve had the camera!

Live, laugh, & love...
with everything you have!
heth ;-)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A day late and a dollar short!

We made it...

Happy trails
from the Brekke Family!
Steve, Hunter, Marina, & Heather

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life is good...

we have all of the pieces,
{happy dance}

...a perfect fit so far,
no lost ones either!
Live, laugh, & love
with everything you have...
take it easy ~heth

p.s. I already see some blue
peering out of the gray sky!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Have a really nice day!

{happy dance}

Hunter & I are running around Anchortown!
So many stops...so much to do.
  • Fred Meyer's for salsa makings & a couple of clearance patio chairs, if they're still there.
  • Post Office to pick up the new pot puller they tried to deliver while we were @ the Deshka.
  • Visit with Christie & kids, make my yummy salsa!
  • Appointment with Barton.
  • Date with my husband!
What a LONNNNGGGG day it's going to be,
we're in for a lot of fun anywhoo.

It's an awesome day in Anchortown!
Blue sky & sunshine, yehoo!

Happy trails...
wherever they may lead!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good times...good times!

Very fun weekend!

We stopped in Willow at the outdoor farmer's market,
very yummy local fair...and good prices.

I have crooknecks growing in the garden,
mmm, very yummy!

Getting ready to get down to business
& start fishing!

Only one silver the first night...

Saturday was much better...
we dialed in and were done by noon,
with the whole evening ahead!

Steve made caviar and we took a nap.

Lucky too...

Visited friends that night for cocktails.

Headed back to camp to load for home.

Hunter helping mom with the loot.

The work week is coming fast...
happy trails everyone!