Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ms Alaskan Adventures

...loves playing!

short, medium, & long!

This was the Farrah style,
it would take a bilevel to do this so...


Platinum blonde babe!

short, medium, & long!

Steve always calls me Miss Hollywood because I dress cute when we're camping, fishing, etc. Now he can say it and mean it...I'm Miss Hollywood/Alaska in my own blog! Gotta run & get to work, lots of chores stacking up while I'm online being silly.
~~happy hump day~~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm so good...

and modest too!

The link to change your appearance...
a very very cool tool!

What a babe... I just finished my latest masterpiece. One unexpected consequence of my piece de resistance, is that some of my piles are now organized! Life is good in the Brekke house.

Thank you karma fairy
for helping us make our dreams come true :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventures @ Chitina & Meteor Lake

We found the flood!

The water was up further than I've ever seen,
anywhoo, we still got 7 reds overnight.

Due to the danger of fishing in the flood...
Steve stopped the wheel & raised it.

Yes, those are the wheels in the background,
about 200 yards out!
Steve is on an island here...
another 50 yards from solid ground. after dealing with all the wheel(s) issues, we left Chitina Saturday afternoon chasing nicer weather and less wind. There is always a bit of sunshine at our property, it sits in a bit of a sunbelt on the tops of yonder hills. After hearing big rain in bed Saturday night, we woke to blue skies, yehoo! Steve & I took an awesome hike around the lake, during which we found the spot where we want to build our future home. The property for sale next to ours has good points, but I'd rather buy a boat! Very soon...the boat fairy is coming...teehee! We're going to name it (TBA), happy happy joy joy!

A huge rainbow on the way to Chitina!
Right past the turnout to our property...

Sunny skies and a nice breeze...
to keep away mosquitoes.

A gun over his shoulder & a saw on his hip.
Ready for any kind of action!

She is such a seasoned traveler.

Finally all my posts are up and current.

Facebook mentioned not posting when you're going out of town, so I'm posting~ post! Not implying in anyway that everyone reading my blog isn't the most upstanding citizen. I am a bit naive in some ways...better safe than sorry! Hanging with my tired homey Hunter today.

Happy trails wherever they may lead! ~Heth

This is how we prep 4 meat

Another day @ the office

We do this...

so we can do this!

Yummers to melly,
we ate them chicken fried.
Thank you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My waterlogged camera works!


During our vacation, as we were leaving from our first trip to the river, I slipped on a rock and went down in the water with my bag (cell, camera, planner). I was also carrying the video camera, which I saved. My camera was toast, having a lens error issue. I put my SD card in other peep's cameras for the rest of our vacation. My cell didn't work until I took it apart (it's held together by duck tape) and blew out the water from the battery. I still can't turn it on and off, ugh!

I have been searching & bidding for a like camera on eBay for the last 10 days. Steve mentioned trying my old camera again this morning & what do you know...yehoo! The pic in this blog is me at 5 am testing my old faithful camera. It works!!!! The replacement value is more than I paid for the camera new...Canon Powershot A540. I'm going to keep bidding, it's obvious as hard as I am on cameras that I need a back up.

It's going to be an awesome day with Hunter.
He's treating me to a movie after we clean up our bedrooms. A nice rainy week at home, cleaning, organizing, & hanging out. I'm off to celebrate my good fortune!

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation ~ part 3

BBQ @ Michelle's

Alexis had the cutest buns!

Our last night in Oregon was spent with
all 5 of our grandkids,
Joseph was even there at the end.

Jaime made a cake called "SIN"
a bit like Robert Redford cake, but pistachio!
Too good not to have 2nds.

We had elk/deer burgers, mmm good!

Our family so spoils us when we visit.
Thanks to all, especially MOM!
Happy trails until next post.

Vacation ~ part 2

Jeanne's Birthday!
28 forever!

After Steve got home from his first sturgeon trip, and after being up for almost 24 hours, we made it to Dan & Jeanne's for the bonfire/birthday. When it was all said and done...we finally made it to bed after the 24 hour mark. We had a blast with the family and met up with old friends as well as making new ones.

I'm just catching up on old pics from our!

Funny how much Brekke's girlfriend reminds me of Jeannie.

Dan came over to show Steve how to fillet the sturgeon.

Steve is a plumber in another life...
got er done, yehoo!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation ~ part 1

Happy trails in Oregon!
Hunter with a crawdad.

Steve swimming with all the boys!

Hunter the Alaskan,
diving in headfirst!

We got to spend a lot more time with our
awesome peeps due to our change in vacation plans.
We spent two days at the river, yehoo!

Happy trails, Heather

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation, Part 4 yehoo~ in the sun!

The border after entering north L. Tahoe @ Incline.

Getting to the southern half of the lake.
Looking for a yummy place for lunch...

One of the many bays!

Finally we found a place we could...
wait 1/2 hour to eat?

Driving north after leaving S. L. Tahoe.

Leaving it all behind!

The name says it all...

At Cabellas for lunch ;-)
& to tell the husbands we were there!

On arrival in Reno!