Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our life at this time...

wherever we may be...

Virginia in the fall, beautiful!

Hunter's Wimpy Kid Pose

Token Nurse
Hunter made the tinkertoy
person to keep me company.
To West to see a musical!
On my way to Virginia...
Holly bid my flight so we could visit!
We walked with dead presidents!
The most beautiful cemetery!
The tomb of the
unknown confederate soldier!
Getting ready for the long days.
Gourmet mac n cheese!
Dessert to feed six!
The capitol.
Evacuation of hotel at 3am
as I am getting ready for cab to airport.
Finished getting ready in lobby.

Love traveling,
love Anchortown!
Home sweet home!
I am so Lucky!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our life...

My Awesomest Broccoli bread!

 Mom & Hunter...
always making the most!
 Kidless dinner...
zucchini from our garden,
our salmon for sashimi,
and my special Kalbi!
We do it better...
 Hunter is getting lean...
love the working out.
 in Eagle River...way back,
no Internet for quite a bit.
 out doing chores to winterize...
  Hunter as the wimpy kid...
 Playoff game...
 coach had to keep kids out of snow...
right at freezing and they want to play!
 the start of break up...
 Cookie #99, one tough girl!
Hunter's only competition.
 nice to be able to parent together...
for Hunter ;-)
 sun out & blue sky by noon,
 with a victory and on to city!
Go Rams!