Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going to be an awesome summer!

5 work days & I'm off contract for 2 months. Long weekends until then...I held over enough vacation for long weekends in August and for a moose hunt in September! Love Denali in the fall...

Girls just wanna have fun...

Marina had a ball at Pat & Shari's BBQ!

Steve & me too!

Saw some boys I haven't seen in a long time,
other than facebook, very cool :-)

Sold the Trophy...
just in time to get two new trailer axles,
new trailer tires, a life boat, float coats,
always something!

Gotta get new girl stickers for the new boat!

Steve at 20 mile hooligan fishing.

Saw a mama and twins on the way home.

Clean & going in the frying pan
& the smoker!

Marina was up til 4am at a slumber party
it showed!

I love composting and having such lush soil.

Seeds getting planted...

Getting the new boat sea worthy!

The kids were being CRAZY!

I took a walk then showed up at the school,
Hunter was like why are you here mom?
I told him I was there to pester them.

Last day of school...

the start of summer...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our family...

then, now, & to come...

Hunter had his first weekend long Boy Scout trip to the Eklutna Camporee on Elmendorf! He sure came home tired, must have been a lot of work out there in the woods. Hunter got good color on his skin, goes nice with the new haircut Steve got 'em.

Brandon's totally edible cake, even the trees.

Brandon made this ring in Mr. Walsh' welding class at KCC. Sadly, I'm stuck with an old drum from our in-op dryer as a fire ring. Maybe someday we'll get Hunter or Steve into welding and they can make us some cool Alaskana stuff.

After spending Saturday prepping my truck, Steve and I brought home the new's so big compared to our lil' Trophy! I cleaned her up on the inside and made it ours! So nice to have a little more space. When the kids are finally off on their own, we'll invest in a 28' aluminum boat. That will be retirement time...yehoo!

After giving it a good cleaning.

Nancy's yummy marinade w/king & red

My beautiful bleeding heart!

Summer adventures r coming.
Happy trails from our home to yours!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life in the Brekke house...

Fun with melly for a week!

The Native Youth Olympics was very interesting. This was my first was neat to find out the reasons for the different competitions. Dylan took 5th place as a rookie freshmen, woo hoo!

Went to a retirement party Friday night & got lots of hugs from all the Alaska babes! It was great fun to see everyone, and have toddies. ;-) This was after going to the museum with the kids, late nights are us! Actually, it wasn't that late, but by our standards, it was way past bedtime.

The Community & Technical College picnic!

Our school of fish...
sadly, I'm the only fish left!
Should be an interesting new fiscal year...

Lots to do...Encampment is coming quick. Marina will finally be able to go this year! It looks like almost all of our troop will be there. Girl Scouts is celebrating 100 years and the event is going to be a lot of fun. Steve is going to put the Bayliner up for sale this weekend while I'm purging a lot of the things from around the house. It will feel so good to finally have more usable space. Blending two families has overloaded this ol' house with "way too much". There will be a lot of happy people when this stuff finally makes it out of here and gets where it needs to go.

The sun is shining and life is good. I'm hoping for a rejuvenating weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! Here's to not cooking and eating a really yummy dinner. Take care, Heather

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just sayin'

Your going to catch a cold from the ice inside your soul...
Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts)

Love love love this song...kinda sad, but a great tune!

Check it out if you have cable, sadly at home DSnail won't play YouTube.