Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hanging with Marina...;-)

Puffles R' us!
Where puffle's hair is our privalage.
-Sitka 001

Our late present.
A red ice fishing rod!

Puffles 'r us

A monkey and cat...
.very fitting!
His first watch???Hunter with his 360*

Hunter just left with his dad
to go to the base.
Marina & I are hanging...
A visit to Maureen today?
Happy trails,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy at home...

Happy New Year's Eve, Eve!

All hands were out of bed and on deck by 8 a.m. Then the kids spent the morning and early afternoon lounging and playing. Only when we had homework to do was there any stalling. They had to think of three things to do for their science projects, then write a paragraph for each one why they chose what they did. Thankfully they also spent 20 minutes picking up the's very nice to see the floor again.

I spent an hour online doing Girl Scout cookie training...we will start pre-sales on January 8th. Boy the year has flown by, it seems like we just did all this. Very soon things will be back to a normal like we have not known since we got married. We got a new special treat...and it is a treat that keeps on giving, even when it is least expected. Karma is a wonderful thing.

Amore per la vita

Happy trails & Happy New Year!
Heather & the Gang

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hanging with Hunter...;-)

Is Steve on an airplane?

Just waiting to see if Steve made it out of news is good news. I went to the gym this morning, then got Hunter from his dad just in time to go to the dentist. The office had some fantastic art. I got a new camera for Christmas, gotta check out the merchandise.

The dentist had all good news!
Engibous is good...

A very cool ornament from Chuck & Doreen!

Hunter wanted to play...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adventures at home ;-)

...beautiful scenery.

The cactus has been blooming forever.
Very cool...

I'm taking 2 classes.
This is me!
Especially when my muscles are big & strong.

Getting ready to head downstairs,
to clear out the house!

This is what's left of the
poor man's almond roca,
mmmm, I already printed the recipe!

Made snow people with the kids on xmas eve!
You can guess whose is whose...

Lucky just hanging...
Happy trails,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas ;-)

and a Happy New Year!

We had a yummy meal last night for Christmas.What a helper Hunter was in getting ready for this big day...ready and eager to help, cleaning the bathroom, carrying chairs, setting the table, doing the laundry. I would have never got it all done without him. I hope he has that attitude more often. Our day is coming to a quick end. Here is a recap of our Christmas eve and day.

Waiting for Marina at Carrs, for well over an hour.
Kendra the happy homemaker.

The gravy turned out great!

Hunter & Mom!

Apples to Apples

Steve got his Dutch Oven.

Very cute sock slippers...

Penguins R' Us

Kendra got a microwave,
I am going to get mine back, yehoo!

Christmas morning at our house!

Club Penguin sleeping bags.

I bought flannel sheets?
Only for Steve,
he deserves them.
Hunter got his favorite Nerf gun from his sister.

and a very cool remote control helicopter.

Marina got more CP.

Carhartt is the perfect present.

Our new icefishing sled.

Steve's most favoritest present ever...

The meat tenderizer and cuber 10,000!
Thank you!

Putting together a 3-D apple.
Both kids left for their other parents.
It will be a quiet weekend.
Happy trails,