Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home alone...again!

Being sick is no fun :-(

I made Italian meatballs filled with
sauteed onion, garlic, and cheese,
very nummers!

Steve's plate...

My plate,
I only ate 2 of the meatballs,
not much of an appetite,
just enough to take meds.

I am proud to say,
we grew the cucumbers,
the toms came from Ruby's garden,
we made our Italian sausage,
and we eat damn good!

p.s. garlic bread 4 kids not pictured,
but that was homemade too!

Last Thursday's
Gladys Wood Football Jamboree!

Aquarian won all three games.

They were good sportsman.

and we were all very proud!

Ya know, my fav, the moon!

I must be out of it,
home for the week &
this is my first post!

Visited the doctor again this a.m.,
here's to not getting worse &
hopefully getting on the mend.
Stopping into work tomorrow,
to pick up work for next week.
I miss my work.

Almost the weekend again...
time flies, even when your not having fun.
Take care out there!

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