Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank goodness Friday is payday!

I'm very thirsty...

and the bank account resembles an empty glass, ugh! Payday is Friday...yehoo! Maybe a night of dancing and toddies at Eddies??? We don't have the kids this weekend and I am going to try to convince Steve a night out will do us some good. If his new earlier hours at work don't put him to bed early Friday night.

Steve took a truck load to the dump yesterday, and now the yard is finally cleared out of extra stuff. The weekend will bring the opposite of spring cleaning, it's fall and it's time to put everything from summer away. Oh yea, and mow the leaves covering the back yard; we need to get rid of that cottonwood tree.

The work week is officially in full swing with Steve's new schedule starting today. I was at South High yesterday when the earthquake shook the building...the kids were under the tables pronto! Gotta love preparedness! I'm off to get ready for our day...have a great week! ~Heather


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