Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yea, it's almost Friday!

Awards & cake auction last Thurs!

We're still eating carrot cake from the auction.
Very nummers, walnuts, raisins,
and gooey creme cheese frosting!

Pizza Olympia for dinner Friday night!
Appetizers, pizza, yummy salads, and a gyro!
Lots of leftovers...

The kids got to play DS
for the 1st time in weeks.
They did all their chores +
and got 30 minutes of privileges.

Steve got home really late last night from SEA, so I'm sure we'll be in bed early tonight. The weekends coming and I love sleeping in with my hubby! I saw the Rheumatologist today and got a sample of Embrel. I hope I'll feel better overall when this pain goes away. I'm grumpy and sad when I'm in pain. I think the weekend will require a lot of rest to recoup! Kids are off to the other parents this weekend and the PFDs landed in ye ol' bank account, yehoo! I see the light...

Happy trails everyone!
Wherever they may lead.

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