Monday, September 13, 2010

We're rich!

Breaking news!

Steve just shot a moose on Ft. Richardson! He’ll be up really late. We ran out of burger weeks ago...yehoo for a yummy big bull and fresh backstrap n burger. Marina and Hunter don't know yet, they were in bed when I found out. Steve shot last year's moose 364 days ago on our anniversary, this will be the first anniversary that we've shared since we got married, 4 years now! A very happy night in the Brekke house.

Yea Steve! 5 hours into the hunt hubby shot a 52” bull moose with his new muzzle-loader. We’ll be up to our neck in moose tomorrow. Life in the Brekke house couldn't get much better.

p.s. Prince William Sound photos are in lieu of moose pictures coming soon.

Placing buoys ever so perfectly.

Surprise Cove

Beautiful scenery...

Thanks be to God for all of our riches!
Happy trails,

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