Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our day at the Alaska State Fair!

...and we ate good too!

I rode on the first ride with the kids.

Hunter & Marina are two peas in a pod.

Everyone's a winner...
just depends how much you can afford to spend.

Hunter is really good at the carny games.

Ran into Krista, one of our Girl Scouts.

Root beer is Hunter's favorite, along with a dog.

Marina is a Sprite and taco kinda gal.

They enjoy competing against each other.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving...

loving on the goats...

Marina missed the signage, pet only, don't pick up .

On our way out...

...enjoying the sunset!

Thanks for the awesome day at the fair!
Same time next year...
Happy trails, heth

The kids are trying to convince us that this is a great deal for a boat and they want to help pay for it. We thanked them for wanting to help, but told them they should keep their allowance and that if we get a boat, Steve and I will take care of paying for it. Although, they raise some good points...we'll see how it all plays out. Our family needs a bigger ride to get out in the big Alaska ocean. My prerequisite is that there has to have a big V-berth, it's the only thing I look for, teehee! All other things can be figured out.... :-)

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