Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good luck with that...

What a fruitful weekend!

No kids this weekend so we slept in then got up and went to the gym. OMG did I get a hugestest workout yesterday, we walked all of the property lines in deep deep snow. My sacariliac is killing me. I'm down 8 lbs and Steve's down 18 lbs, yehoo;-) Lots of hard work getting healthy...if I could eat less this would go faster. Steve's dinners are too yummy, so slow and steady will have to do.

Still blooming!

Since October there have been blooms on this Christmas cactus. I love the scenery, keep 'em coming. Marina comes home today to a lovely red salmon dinner, thanks daddy! Lots going on this week...hope to blog again soon ;-) Have a great week all. ~ Heather

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