Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blizzard out & the snow's getting deep!

Working out every day...
with Mel at the hotel this time!

Hunter home with mom for the week!
He spent yesterday with Grandma Dely,
breakfast, bowling, pizza, lots of fun!

The Christmas cactus has been blooming since October.
It has one full bloom and about twenty more buds.

I chaperoned for Hunter's class last week.
We went to the museum's Star Wars exhibit.
Fun fun fun!

The biggest elevator in the state of Alaska.
The whole class fit with no problem.

Getting ready for work.
Hunter up and on CP ;-)
That means all the chores are done,

City Diner for dinner.
We sat and visited for an hour,
we did cardio on our way home.

Steve has lost 15# now.
Very proud of him and all the progress.
His jeans are all loose.
I've lost 6#, cannot wait for 40#.
Oh yeah, I am 40, teehee!
Getting better with age.

I'm happy to have a two day work week, tomorrow & Thursday. I'm working with Hunter on Science Projects and cleaning house today. If the weather breaks we need to go to the gym and then maybe a movie at Fireweed. Hunter offered to buy the tix if I get the corn. I could be convinced... We hope everyone has a safe day, wherever you are!

Happy Spring Break ~ Heather ;-)

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  1. eeek scary pics, especially the one AFTER cardio!
    That City diner makes some yummy salads.