Friday, March 12, 2010

The gang's all here...

What a nice surprise!

At La Mex with Ms. Veronica today!

Hunter & me this morning.

Hunter's Science Fair Project,
bouncing eggs?!

The egg lasted until over three feet high!

Derick looks good for having wisdom teeth out!
A little puffy, but very cute.

They stopped by my work yesterday,
on the way to catch a flight to Unalaska...
...or so they thought!

We are blessed to have two really wonderful friends here at the same time, Veronica & Melanie. Except for the unfortunate circumstances of Mel and Derick spending every waking moment trying to get home...all the flights are CXLD due to weather. I am glad they are off the hook for today and they are both coming home with Steve. A quick stop at Freddies should make it somewhat better, especially for Derick who has such a limited palette, sans teeth. Marina is with her mom until Sunday, Hunter just left with his dad and the house is going to be full tonight. Good friends, good food, maybe drinks? I know someone who needs one, if they drank! Pray for good weather tomorrow, for everyone. Steve and I may go snowshoeing for the day, we'll see how it all goes.
Have a great weekend all ;-)
Take care, Heather


  1. Cute pics! And as always yummmmmy dinner. Thanks for taking car of pitiful us. The movie was GREAT!!!!

  2. Steve really liked the movie too. Not a football fan so I think he was pleasantly surprised. You are not pitiful, just worned out! I pray you get home, but if not...what's for dinner? teehee;-) We are getting ready to go work out. That might be part of your ughness, not getting to exercise. Veronica is headed to Eagle River then Wasilla to see her son Brian. Keep me posted via text if you have news.