Thursday, March 18, 2010

The weekend's almost here...

or at least it feels like it ;-)
Spring has sprung!

Our Girl Scout troop has a booth sale this Saturday from 2-6 at the Fred Meyers on Northern Lights and New Seward, stop by and see us ;-)

The pictures were taken last Saturday at Sea Galley. We went for the blue fruity drink while Mel and Derick were stuck in ANC. We never made it after Blind Side Friday, so ya know, any ol' excuse.

I am going to brag that we have had the most beautiful days suuny warm days to friends & family elsewhere. This will bite me in the butt after the snow has melted off and ol' man winter drops a couple feet. tee hee :-) It happens...

Gotta go and get Hunter up; he asked to get up early so he could play. He makes chores and homework a priority. I wonder where he gets that. LOL I need to play more, Amen ;-)

I hope we all get to play more...
Take care everyone, Heather

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  1. eeekkkk that friend of yours needs to lose 30 pounds!
    love ya...