Friday, April 2, 2010

Family time...

Turnigan Arm boar tide...
awesome power!

Clams are us ;-) or not as the case was...there were an abundance of 2" clams. We ended up getting 90 total. We ate some last night, only 82 more clams to clean :-) ha ha

Not as beautiful coming home in a big snow storm, from Cooper Landing to Bird Creek, fun fun. We rounded the corner and saw a large large patch of blue over Anchortown, nice weather here, yehoo!

Hunter's birthday is on Easter this year so the day goes...9 a.m. breakfast at church, egg hunt, worship service, party with chocolate cake and ice cream at our house, and then we top it off with the last matinee of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Hunter is treating us all to a movie for his birthday, what a babe.

One things for sure, spring has sprung. I hope everyone has a great weekend! On the run...
Happy Easter, Heather

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