Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking forward to the weekend!

Canstruction... the University Center! ;-)

In support of the Food Bank & Fur Rondy!

I worked out after dropping off the kids at school, yehoo! Six days a week now. Steve is picking up the kids & headed to the orthodontist. I got off at noon and came home until 4:45 when I will go to the King Career Center Open House. It should be a lot of fun ;-) My boss has always done KCC, but she's in Florida, so I lucked out. Girl Scouts was changed until tomorrow to compensate. After that we have the Blue and Gold Banquet with Cub Scouts. Can you say dinner? The kids got up early to get on Club Penguin, two days in a row! ;-) Whatever works I say...I was lounging this morning and I loved it! The sun is beaming and I'm feeling good.
Happy trails all ~Heather

Spoiled kids...

Spoiled kitty...

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