Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

Last week and weekend!
Girl Scouts Thinking Day!
Mr. Pugh won a $50.00 gift certificate
from New Sagaya, yehoo!

Friendship Cirlce ;-)

Those are halos...
...they're trying to be angels!

Hunter finally got to join in...

Raimey and Caitlyn!

She is so cute!

West High Freshmen night!

February is almost over, clamming is coming, the time is flying. Just got news that a dear friend might be moving back to Alaska...she is coming to visit either way and I am very excited! ;-) Company in and out for the whole month of March then spring will officially be sprung with our annual clamming trip, hallelujah! I pray for strength and forgiveness every day, life is not always a bowl of cherries. Too much work has to be done that we have no control over. Ugh to the dark side. Thank God for the light! Happy trails to everyone, wherever they may lead! ~Heather

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