Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue & Gold + Girl Scouts Fur Rondy!

What a short weekend!

Five of our troop showed up for the Fur Rondy parade...I'm sorry Marina didn't come. It was very nice when the sun was hitting us, but it's cold downtown in the shade of the buildings. Today was our only "day off" and I'm not sure what has been so off about it. We did the dishes, went to Costco, then went tanning and to the gym! The tanning was an anniversary present for both of us, Steve is doing it too, hehe. ;-)Marina just came home and we're having a scrumptious red and king salmon dinner, with sashimi and fresh broccoli to top it off. I'm having a toddy too...1 shot of CC and a diet lemon lime soda, yehoo 100 calorie appetizer.
Hope everyone had a least "one day off" :-) Happy trails for the week, Heather

We ate the most yummy food at Blue & Gold.

Friday at Mat-Su Technical High School.
I got to interview kids all day and they fed us.

Dessert for sure...
Great presentation.

I was among friends.

I love working in the schools.
I am exposed to sooo much
;-) My true passion...
great material for pix!

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