Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fantastic weekend & it's not over yet!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Melly was here for an appt; we squeezed in Avatar 3D, Moose's Tooth, and exercise, yehoo! I attended the ASD CTE conference Friday night and missed chicken fried moose with Steve, Mel and the kids; it was yummy for breakfast anyway. I snuck out of the conference today to go to Women of Science with Girl Scouts. Very fun and we had a perfect agenda, future nurses, robots, and Alaska fish! Marina was a beautiful oldies nurse! Lots of fun, then back to the conference for prizes. To top off the day, we went to the gym for an hour before consuming the yummy meal in the picture above, 10 shrimp, moose, and salad...protein is my friend. Looking forward to the Superbowl tomorrow after church, Steve & I watch 1 game a year and it's always a blast.

A happy safe weekend to everyone!

Hunter being a gentleman ;-)

Moose's Tooth!
Split a small salad and a sm gyro pizza!

Getting to know others!

Future nurse...

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  1. Looks like a great weekend. The meal looks so yummy. The Girl Scouts appear to be enjoying the fun.