Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy hump day...;-)

Short day today...

Long day Thursday & Friday!

I love the balance of a flexing schedule. Time at home...for homework, taxes, working out, Blogzzz, yehoo! We're going to Alaska Cares after school today to donate stuffed animals, lots! Hunter & Marina each have a bag to share with abused children.

Tomorrow I split the day ending at West High for incoming freshmen night. Steve will be taking the kids to Costco where they'll also eat dinner, Cub Scouts after that. Thinking Day is Friday, in conjunction with a sleepover of nine 4th, 5th & 6th grade girls, help! Jillaine is spending the night and the kids are off by noon ;-) We are making signs to carry in the Fur Rondy parade. I hope Marina will want to go, if she doesn't, Steve and I may leave to look at boats. Didn't get out last weekend which was probably a good thing. Steve has been warding off a cold and the stress of travel would've put him under.

Short night last night, we ended up at City Diner...
We did not want McD's and kids 12 & under eat free!
It was great, except on the scale.

Marina loves to draw!

A very nice dinner!

Hunter correcting math.

Our yummy little friend!

Lucky was very soft footed.

My boys...hanging!

Going to clean house now...
if it wasn't for deadlines, would anything ever get done?
Take care all, Heather
p.s. Hi mom!


  1. Love City Dinner ! Good old fashion deep fried deep fried delight! ;op The cat looks most unamused with the snow!

  2. I always want to eat at City Diner...but have yet to make it there...looks like Troy food more than Mel food???
    How did the moose get in the yard?? Was he eating the remnants of your garden?
    Hopefully see you sooooooooooooon!

  3. The silly moose and his mom ate half of our composte for the year...probably a little drunk after that from the fermented fruit.
    Hope all your homework is not making you crazy. See you soon, Heth