Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yahoo for June 4!

I am so lucky!

An early birthday present from Vicki;-)
Very thoughtful...

I have a wonderful husband, kids, family, & friends, an awesome job with a wonderful boss and co-worker, and the rest of the summer off. The garden is planted, the lawn is fertilized, and it looks like we may get some much needed rain. There is so much going on...I am getting a new office at work, so my last days will be spent moving and going through 21/2 years of accumulation. Hunter & Steve should be home from Chitina when I get off work at 1, life is good...& just keeps getting better and better.

Steve in Turnigan Arm.

There is huge relief for our family on the horizon.
But not for everyone, for some,
the HEAT is on...ha ha ha!
Have a fun, safe summer!
xoxo ~ Heather

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