Monday, June 28, 2010

So much fun!

I wish summer forever...

Back to reality for a few days!
Steve didn't waste any time...

Oregon is my 2nd favorite state,
favorite in a few ways...

Steve relived his childhood on our trip.

You cannot believe how far down that is...

Another beautiful beach!

Largest Sitka pine in her time.

Oysters are us!
Just lucky...

Mike & Carolyn's both love antiques.

The real deal...yummy food!

The barn is unbelievably cool!

Steve spent all day with uncle Dundy,
who I finally met after six years.

I love sunflowers.

The favorite uncle followed us to the tavern.
3 a.m. to bed, up 7ish to get to a plane.

This was too cool not to post...
found it when we went for shrimp permits.

Funny thing, I would have twice as many pictures to post,
but my life was threatened by in-laws!
Headed back to PDX next week to spend time with Marina.
I planning on having a lot more fun that I can't post, teehee!
Here's to a safe 4thof July weekend everywhere.
Happy trails, Heather

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  1. You have a Mike & Carolyn too??? Funny! Gorgeous pictures!