Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prince William Sound... where we hope to be!

Hunter has a long weekend with dad and thanks to a last minute trade day, so do me & Steve.
We need to shrimp like mad & fill the freezer. At the rate we've been getting out in the sound (2x last year), we've got to do what we can, when we can. Steve wants to go farther out for halibut. I'm sure we will one day, depending on the weather. It's supposed to be partly/partly...anytime there is even a little blue in the sky, it puts a little happy in my world.

We leave for Oregon to visit Marina next Tuesday, right after the long weekend. I'm excited to say that I'm planning a trip to Reno with Hunter on the heals of our visit with Marina. My bestest buddy Mel and her kids are there for wrestling camp. Hunter & I are crashing for a marvy couple of days. Just like ol' times, but with lil partners in crime. Yehoo for fun in the sun & a pool! Then we come home, Hunter goes to dad, and our adult weekend is up for dibs, more PWS if I have my way. What a crazy summer...

Hunter's taking a little down time.

Have a safe, fun 4th of July Weekend everyone!
Happy trails wherever they may lead.
Steve, Heather & Hunter

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