Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blue sky & sun r showing...;-)

Happy summer!

Ignore my hair, I ran out of conditioner. I'm down 14# and happy with my less plump face in pictures. I am trying for 30# by September 1, hunting season. How much nicer it is getting around without the extra pounds. I feel better in every way.

It was fun hanging out with Hunter & the 200 other kids at camp. They were much better mannered this year. I only had to argue with one kid about brushing his teeth, he brushed. Hunter pulled my ear and asked me not to embarrass him, more than once. I'm nice, but firm! teehee We won't see Hunter for 10 days after today. I already miss him.

The cabin didn't smell like dirty socks this year.

Riding the bucking bull!

I love going to camp with Hunter!

Lining up for lunch, exit stage left!

The table displays my birthday purchases!
About 1/2 of it was for the kids...

Before & after...
sad to say I feel it today,
not very hungry still!
It was beyond yummers!

Happy trails all!
The weekend is almost here...again!

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