Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is there something in the water?

Why are people so obsessed?

I got to be on an interview committee
so I broke out the mascara!

Let's all move along...the easy way or the hard way! I am too old for the hard way when the easy way works too. Ohhmmmm, Ohhhmmmm ;-) Kids are easy...tee hee ;-)

Haven't had any time to post pictures,
so this is a week's worth...

Yes, children are obsessed too...

We snuck off to the Sportsman's show.
Boats boats boats....

Would love to get a moose for our garden.
Talkeetna I think???

Cute falcon...

Yummy king.

An awesome taxidermy scene.
It was too crowded for a nicer pic.
They are tanning our wolf.

We split a burger & fries at Eddie's
after the Sportsman's show.

I am missing my husband looking at these pics!
Pray he has a safe flight home.

Is it Friday yet?
Happy trails ~Heather

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