Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer's coming...

How fast this year is going...

Dad comes home tomorrow, yehoo! I think he and mom will be a lot more comfortable together at home. Steve's cooking them some yummy treat, oh yeah, gotta pull something out of the freezer. ;-)

They are easy to please...

Hunter got a turn in "the chair"!

We had our last Girl Scout meeting last night and our end of year bash is next Saturday. We are going bowling w/pizza and then some place called Bouncing Bears. Hunter's Webelo meetings end next Thursday too. My work year will be over on June 4, so summer will really be on!

Marina is with us every other weekend for the majority of summer and Hunter will be with his dad, so Steve and I will have a lot of time to play out in the boonies. If we're awarded the property we bid on, we'll have a back up plan for our "extra weekends" when the PWS weather doesn't agree with us.

I hope everyone has a sunny day!
Happy trails, Heth

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