Sunday, October 4, 2009

Atlanta was AWESOME ;-)

Beluga's are 1 of my favorites!
I had a great trip to Atlanta!

I really missed Steve & the kids,
strange, it gave me some time alone,
but I really missed my family.

At the ANC airport on the way to Atlanta!
My husband worked my flight...he's a babe!
Centennial Park hosted the 1996 Olympics!
We found an awesome local jam in Centennial Park!
We could not have planned such a find.
The last Wednesday Wind Down
Blue's and Jazz concert!
Vicki & I had a great conference
The moon is just shy of full,
I love the moon!
The Atlanta Aquarium!Jack Fish swimming in circles...
Cool eels, like garter snakes!
The fish were beautiful & ugly at the same time!
A wolf fish looking like a little old man.
The snake & the frog...

We visited the Coke museum!

We ate really good food!
We rode the train back to the airport!
And finally took a long flight home!
I am glad to be back!

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